Camelot- Escape Game

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Escape games are games where players solve puzzles to get codes to unlock locks. They must solve all the puzzles before time runs out. Many of these games are playable only once this project is geared to creating a re-playable escape room game. All the material seen is work done for a re-playable Escape game I am creating. This project is still in development but this offers a sneak peek into some of the materials created for the game. 

One of the biggest parts of game is the clues. They provide information to players that when put together create a code. These clue cards may show parts of the room's décor that reveals important information. 

table-scratch off-03.jpg

Players can search the room and interact with objects through a choose your own adventure style book. This offers the feeling of exploring a physical room. Players will be swept away with the excitement of problem solving as they try to escape the castle of Camelot. Every lock that is unlocked is one step closer to completing the goal of the game. The question is though can players do it before time runs out. 


Players connect clues together by the same objects appearing in different locations. The statues are holding the same objects that appear in the windows. Other ways clues are connected are having similar symbols inscribed on them such as the musical notes on the top of the music sheet. These symbols may also appear above a lock indicating the code for that lock will be found using the music sheet.